Equity - close-up

at the Gateway Surgical Centre
Opened November 2005

A hospital, like a community is built on trust. It needs to serve all within that community as a focus of confidence and reliability.

The sculpture 'Equity' represents the wonderful cultural diversity that the borough of Newham enjoys. Every hand hewn sphere within the circle represents one of the 110 global languages spoken in the borough. Each of these being as important as the next in order to complete the circle and ensure its stability. All of these languages are inscribed on the bronze.

No community project works without the goodwill and energy of a vast variety of people with an even greater diversity of skills. The bedrock of this hospital project is represented in the hemisphere base. You will see thumb prints of some of the many participants in the project captured in a moment in time upon the bronze. In this way we are recognising their contribution towards providing more support within the community.